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Vath = Technoid baby. 

Vath = Technoid baby. 

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Snivv = Reptilian Metanima.

Levi = Insect Metanima. 

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Sketch phase - DONE. 

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Which Type of Metanima would you be?? →

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Happy new year~ may i hopefully get more shit done this year!

Happy new year~ may i hopefully get more shit done this year!

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i’m so sorry i haven’t updated anything, and when i do it’s always random and sporadic and barely makes any sense cause there’s been so much time between updates 

but i have so much to do

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Lookit what i’ve been working on for the past week an a half!

Metanima (Pronounced: Met-anima): A superior humanoid race created by human-like beings with the ability to transform their bodies into the very animals around them.

much like Humans, the race as a whole has various sub groups, where humans are separated by country of birth, Metanima are separated by what they turn into.

The Metanima race outlived their creators when the Jupiter sized planet became far too dangerous for them to survive. Nature has long since taken over completely, the human-like race long gone and forgotten by the world and its inhabitants. 

Most dangerous in form: Farn.

Canine Metanima are mostly found in the forests skirting the ocean. They’re of regal disposition and tend to show a level of loyalty and fairness that’s rarely found on their home world, they are typically tall in height.

Farn: the Farn typically hunts at night, it’s eyes having a luminescence to them which lights the way while drawing smaller creatures closer.

by nature the Farn is typically about as docile as a common household pet dog, a 19ft, six legged saber-toothed pet dog.

colourations tend to be pure black, or dark grey, which aid it’s nocturnal hunting habits. The Canine Metanima have used the Farn for centuries as either family pets, hunting partners, or guard dogs.

Most dangerous in form: Makrail. (pronounced, Mack-rail)

Avian Metanima are typically small, agile and formidable in a fight. They mostly live in solitude on high mountain peaks and tend to be shy around strangers, often opting to hide in avian forms until they deem areas safe for humanoid exploration. 

Makrail: A 4 winged Bird/Dragon hybrid it’s body made of pure organic metal. The Makrail typically lives within high volcanic ranges in solitude. It rarely leaves to hunt as this particular species doesn’t tend to eat that much, despite it’s ‘Premier league football stadium’ size.

it’s hybrid nature allows two sub groups of Metanima to transform into it, Avian and Reptile.

Within it’s beak are two glands, which excrete flammable gasses, and when combined, they ignite, giving the Makrail the Dragon’s ability of breathing fire.

Hallow has since been forbidden to turn into this unless the circumstance requires it, as it’s size would make it far too easily noticeable.

Most dangerous in form: Drigar. (Pronounced: Dry-gah)

The Feline Metanima are widely assumed brash, stubborn and violent, they mostly stick to the sand dunes as many other tribes refuse to be around them. They’re mostly okay with that.

Drigar: the Drigar is an endangered creature that roams the Sand dunes, by nature the creature is vicious, it has a one track mind to kill or be killed, in fact if a docile one is found, it’s guaranteed to not be a legitimate Drigar, instead it’s more than likely a Feline Metanima in disguise.

The Drigar is recognizable by it’s 16ft, six legged, sabre-toothed, pure raw muscled size, but hard to notice against the sands with it’s sandy colouration, usually when it’s spotted, it’s already too late.

Feline Metanima naturally use this form to defend territory against the creature itself, having nothing bigger to turn into.

Most dangerous in form: Raepe. (Pronounced: Rai-eep)

Aquatic Metanima are to Metanima, what Mermaids are to Humans. They’re EXCEPTIONALLY rare, mostly thought of as pure myth, when in reality, they’re deep sea warriors. With two sets of lungs, one set smaller and nestled in-between the larger two, they’re able to live above and beneath the ocean, originally bred by the creators to explore the Antari ocean without attracting the Raepe. They tend to prefer the solitude the Great Ocean provides.

Within the ranks of the Aquatics, femininity is usually a rarity most females are typically mistaken for males for their angular physiques, strong jaws and broad shoulders. Beauty is measured by skill in a fight and nothing more.

Maxier is female.

Raepe: Think typical Kraken… then think bigger. The Raepe is a GIANT cephalopod, this creature is avoided at all costs, it’s the biggest thing on their planet and tends to travel in pods of 5 to 7 Raepe at a time. This thing is why Makrail tend to avoid flying over the ocean, as they will undoubtedly shoot up out of the water and pluck the metal birds out of the sky, down into the depths for food.

The actual size of the Raepe remains mysterious, as it has never fully emerged from the ocean, however size wise, it’s thought to be around the size of Mt Everest.

Upon arrival to the Motherverse Max was immediately forbidden to use the Raepe, unless the circumstance DEMANDED it, as the sheer size of the creature would undoubtedly cause UNTOLD damages to EVERYTHING around her.

These are from my Webcomic, Rift Rejects.

I think i favor the Metanima a lot more than the other species in the comic, their history and actual alien status makes them so much more fun to work with!

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